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Happy Customer - Is this the One?

The 2nd putter I ever owned was a Seemore FGP. Loved the Seemore history and concept, but never was good with a blade.

My 3rd putter ever is a Z3C Nashville Studio Series. Still have it and still love it, but I'm not 100% confident on short putts (2-4'). However, I loved the milled face, the feel, the feedback, and the distance control. I always owned center-shafted putters because I'm left eye dominant and I thought that was best for me (or so I thought). I tended to push with this putter.

This week I went my local golf store to try some new putters and I was specifically looking at Scotty Cameron, Sik, Evnroll, and even some Clevelands. My intentions were to buy a Scotty, but then I saw the Platinum m5 HT Mallet Offset. This beauty did not miss from any distance and felt just like my Z3C! However, I did not buy it on the spot. After waiting an entire day I went back to try it again. It still did not miss. I didn't expect to buy another Seemore, but here I am with my 4th ever putter...a Platinum m5 HT Mallet Offset. I took it out to the course today to play 9 holes and I had a total of 12 putts. That' a 1.33 average!! Call it the honeymoon phase, call it ignorance, call it a small sample size...but I hope this putter never stops impressing!! Knock on wood...I hope I don't jinx myself. Who would have thought that all I needed in my beloved Seemore putters was a little bit of offset! I hope to never buy another putter again. This thing is a dream.

Stuart R. A satisfied customer
This is just an FYI from a happy customer. As an owner of several SeeMore putters over the years, and like a lot of avid golfers I have been searching for that "Holly Grail" Of putting.. I average around 30/31 putts a round and can manage that with most putters. I believe the place to save strokes is on and around the greens. I have been searching for a Centre shafted putter for a couple of years and romanced a few but never found the right one.. Until now!! I recently bought your PLATINUM M5 HT MALLET (P1431S) and couldnt be happier with my purchase .. The set up and alignment of this putter are perfect the weight and feel are like it was custom made just for me, that platinum material on the milled face is the perfect balance between soft and firm... 2.5 degrees of loft is perfect, Congratulations on producing such a great putter... My putts per round have been 27/28 and no higher than 30... plenty of "tap in's" ..

Anyway, thanks for the tech and continued equipment improvements on your products..

JB review - Platinum m5 HT Mallet - Make More Putts
Great feeling putter that is easy to line up. Can't go wrong with this one! On a side note, the guys at SeeMore are top notch and will do everything they can to help you make more putts. Get you one today!!
This putter is a game changer. (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel) -
Well, first 9 hole round (2 man scramble with my son) I played, one putted 7 greens for a total of at least 60 feet of putts. we shot 4 under!!…this is a game changer…even the putts I miss have a chance…for the first time in my life I can hit the line…you should sell a bottle of anti-inflammatory meds with each putter…my backs hurting form getting the ball out of the hole so much….thanks guys!!!!
PL review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet -Best putter I’ve owned
I bought this putter with a ton of help from the guys at SeeMore! The watched my putting video, we talked over the phone, and they helped me select the M5HT as the putter that would be a good choice.  My putting average was over two when I bough this, and now I’m down to 1.71 putts per hole! Ridiculous. That’s a FIVE STROKE REDUCTION of putts per round! I can’t say enough about the looks, the quality, the feel, consistency, and distance control! Just fantastic. If you’re in the market for a new putter, you can’t go wrong with a SeeMore, and NO OTHER putter company has the customer service SeeMore does. No one!!!
Dr. G review of Platinum m5 HT Mallet - A game changer!
A great feeling putter that has made alignment so much easier!
My Gamer NOW (Platinum m5 HT RST Hosel)
I have always been intrigued by Seemore and RST. Having used a Seemore sporadically, I seem to always circle back. Now I have found the “Gamer” I’ve been looking for in the Platinum M5 HT Mallet. Made to order through my SAMS Putter Lab results, the results on the greens are improving daily. I love the look, feel, and performance of my Seemore. (I own 3 different Seemore just in case! Lol)
My SeeMore Experience (PMookie – MyGolfSpy)
   I posted a couple times about the SeeMore putter I just bought, so since it arrived today, I wanted to make sure to share this great story of customer service! A couple months back, SeeMore posted on Instagram something to the effect that they were there to help folks with their putting. I responded with, “I need help,” and got a response to call a phone number. Turns out it was the number to the CEO, Jim Grundberg! Seriously….
   He and I talked for awhile about what my issues were, what putter I was playing, any fitting stories, where I played, and what my ultimate goal was. We then visited a bit about my experience with SeeMore in the past, and some of what is new at the company. Following the call, he emailed me and copied their Director of Tour Operations, Cody Hale, and asked Cody, in the email, to reach-out to me to be of service. So, at this point I’ve talked to the CEO, and I’m being put in-touch with their Tour guy. What?! No way!!!
   Cody emailed me and let me know he’d be busy for a bit with the Tour, but that we could get on a phone call. Once we connected, we agreed that I would get Cody some video so he could look at my swing, and then we’d go from there. It took me a few weeks to get him the video, but it didn’t matter! He got right back in-touch with me. We went back over my misses (left, and short), and how we could look to try a couple things to see if it helped. We even went over SAM results from Club Champion I still had as well so that he had the most data possible to work with.  Click HERE for full experience on MyGolfSpy.com  (Team SeeMore UK Offer a similar service)