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Mini Giant CurveBack Golf Putter

Mini Giant CurveBack Golf Putter

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Mini Giant CurveBack Putter

The Mini Giant Curve Back boasts all the advantages of the Mini Giant family technology in a refreshing, new shape. Praised by a large group of players who have tested it before its official launch, the Mini Giant Curve Back is already recognized as a top-performing blade. Its unique design, combining aspects of both blade and mallet putters, appeals to golfers who prefer blades while also offering enhanced heel and toe weighting and alignment features. With incredible balance and feel, the putter almost feels as though it's swinging itself along the perfect square path to the target line. Designed and milled in the USA using high-grade aluminum and 4 sets of non-adjustable copper weights, the Mini Giant Curve Back features an enlarged steel shaft for added stability and visual appeal. Its face-balanced design ensures a natural return to square at impact, reducing the need for manipulation during the stroke. Additionally, its patented RifleScope Alignment Technology (RST) provides a true reference point for perfect alignment on every

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