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Payne Stewart 1999 US Open Champion Commemorative Golf Putter

Payne Stewart 1999 US Open Champion Commemorative Golf Putter

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Payne Stewart Commemorative Bronze FGP Putter

Authentic Vault 1999 US Open Champion Putter

Assembled with Black Tip True Temper Shaft:
Length, 35"
Lie, 70 degrees

Includes a Black Golf Pride Tour Classic grip and SeeMore Headcover

Experience the excitement of Payne Stewart's historic win at the US Open 25 years ago, where he nailed the longest putt ever at famed Pinehurst #2. Relive the moment as he defeated Phil Mickelson with a 15-foot par putt on the final hole, creating an iconic and memorable moment in golf history. Passionately believe in the value of this commemorative golf putter, inspired by one of the greatest clutch putts of all time.

Experience Payne's incredible final round putting performance with the SeeMore original bronze FGP putter. With only 24 putts and a consistent display of great putting on the most challenging greens, Payne Stewart's mastery of the SeeMore putter made him the top putter on the PGA Tour in 1999. Discover the extraordinary putting abilities of this commemorative golf putter and elevate your game to new heights!

Experience the powerful and enduring connection between Payne Stewart and the SeeMore Putter Company. Our original FGP putter played a crucial role in revitalizing Stewart's game in 1999, leading to his unforgettable victory and elevating our SeeMore brand in the process.

In the early 2000s, a limited run of numbered commemorative putters was planned by the company as a tribute to the golfer whose life was sadly ended in a plane crash on October 25, 1999. SeeMore ultimately chose to produce fewer than 1000 putters and sell only a select few in the moment.

Experience the historic legacy of Payne Stewart with our vintage putters, now available for purchase after 25 years in the SeeMore vault. Embrace your love for the game while supporting meaningful causes through our limited edition, original commemorative putters. Get yours starting June 1st on!

Experience the exquisite vintage charm of these 25-year-old putters, which only grows more alluring with age. Whether for play or as a precious keepsake, their timeless beauty will inspire and delight.

Experience the authentic feel and precision of a 35-inch commemorative putter, featuring a black tour classic grip and classic black SeeMore headcover. Made 25 years ago with original aluminum bronze, these vintage putters are built to match Payne Stewart's exact gamer specs, with a head weight of 330 grams.

The limited edition Payne Stewart 1999 US Open Champion putter comes with a stunning engraved black and bronze scorecard, making it a truly special offer. For only £400, you can own a piece of history that not only pays tribute to Payne Stewart's legacy, but also supports the Payne Stewart Family Foundation. Don't wait, as these putters will be sold on a first come, first served basis. This is a must-have for any golf enthusiast looking for a beautiful and meaningful addition to their collection.

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