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Broomstick Platinum Golf Putter

Broomstick Platinum Golf Putter

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Broomstick Platinum

The Broomstick putter from SeeMore is an absolute must-have for golfers who have embraced a special way to putt. Crafted from 100% milled aircraft aluminum and boasting a milled stainless steel face insert, it offers maximum accuracy and control. And with two weight ports and the option of a separate weight kit, it can be adjusted to 425-485 grams, allowing you to find the perfect feeling for your swing. The SBc20 is ideal for Broomstick style, Side Saddle, Face On, and Super Heavy puts - and with a lie angle of 79 degrees, it conforms to USGA limits. No other putter combines style, control, and customization like this!

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