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The Triangulator aids in honing your aim while putting, making it simpler to sink that next putt. With just a few easy steps, you'll soon witness the results that the Triangulator offers!

1. Line up a putt of 10 to 15 feet like any other and prepare to make the stroke just like any other.

2. Without changing your aim, remove the ball and set the Triangulator in its place. Align the white line of the Triangulator with the center of your putter face and point it towards your target. Secure the Triangulator using tees or have someone hold it for you. Now, your Triangulator will act as a marker for a perfect putt.

3. Stretch the string across the Triangulator's face so it lies perfectly along the white line.

4. Pull the string toward the target while you examine your aim. Make any necessary adjustments accordingly and start practicing putting on that line. To help, you can drop tees in the ground, draw a chalk line, or mark the surface with a piece of tape to confirm your aim.

Over time, the Triangulator will help you develop the ideal aim and from there, the SeeMore putter will help you reliably set up your shots on the target line you have in mind.
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